Motion Graphics

This course will teach you the fundamentals of motion graphics, including animation techniques, design principles, and software tools. You will learn how to create dynamic and engaging visual content for a range of media, including film, television, and the web. Through hands-on projects and exercises, you will develop your skills in concept development, storyboarding, motion design, and post-production. By the end of the course, you will have created a portfolio of motion graphics projects that demonstrate your understanding of the field and your ability to create compelling visual content.

  • Eligibility 10+2 (Any stream) / Undergraduates / Graduates
  • Course Duration 5 Months on 3 Days (2hrs) a week basis
  • Career Options Graphic Designer: Designing visual elements such as logos, brochures, advertisements, and website layouts using typography, color theory, and composition.

    Motion Graphics Designer: Creating visual effects and animations for film, television, advertising, and video games using motion graphic software like Adobe After Effects.

    Video Editor: Editing and manipulating video footage to create a compelling story or message for various platforms like social media, television, and film.

    User Interface (UI) Designer: Designing the visual interface of websites, apps, and other digital products to create a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

    Branding and Marketing Designer: Developing branding and marketing campaigns that include design elements such as logos, packaging, and advertising materials.

    Illustrator: Creating original artwork for a variety of media, including books, magazines, advertising, and product packaging.